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U.S. Marine Corps Forces, U.S. Strategic Command


U.S. Marine Corps Forces, U.S. Strategic Command

USSTRATCOM Headquarters Building

Marine Corps Liaison Office (MARLO), STRATCOM is collocated with Headquarters, USSTRATCOM at Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska and is staffed with 4 Marines and 2 civilian employees.  The unit reports directly to Deputy Commandant Plans, Policies & Operations (PP&O) located at the U.S. Marine Corps Headquarters in Washington DC.  The Liaison Office is led by an active duty Officer in Charge permanently assigned to Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska.  MARLO brings to USSTRATCOM a resident knowledge and access to Marine Corps capabilities that can support all USSTRATCOM mission areas. 


The Marine Liaison Element to Commander, U.S. Strategic Command (CDRUSSTRATCOM) represents U.S. Marine Corps capabilities and interests and advises CDRUSSTRATCOM on the proper employment and support of U.S. Marine Corps Forces.  Advises and assist other Marine Corps Commands and supporting establishment in Electronic Warfare (EW); Global Fires operations; planning; adv​ocates for capabilities in order to ensure integration between Marine Corps and USSTRATCOM; provides administrative support to Marines filling USSTRATCOM joint billets.