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U.S. Marine Corps Forces, U.S. Strategic Command


U.S. Marine Corps Forces, U.S. Strategic Command

HQ Directory

Officer in Charge
Commercial Phone: (402) 912-0348
DSN Phone: 912-0348
FAX: (402) 912-9720

Commercial Phone: (402) 912-0343
DSN Phone: 912-0343

Administrative Officer
Commercial Phone: (402) 912-0341
DSN Phone: 912-0341
FAX: (402) 912-9720

Admin Chief
Commercial Phone: (402) 912-0342
DSN Phone: 912-0342

Intelligence Officer
Commercial Phone: (402) 912-0351
DSN Phone: 912-0351

EW Officer
Commercial Phone: (402) 912-0352
DSN Phone: 912-0352